Gemma was Music Editor of Company Magazine magazine from 2012-2014. She has also been commissioned to write pieces for the likes of The Observer, Glamour, Standard Issue, Huffington Post, Mr and Mrs Smith , and The Debrief.

Her poem about a Nipple Biting Beast, was published as part of collection of musings for The Booby Trap and Other Bits and Boobs collated by Dawn O Porter for Hot Key Books in 2013.




21 May , 2015  

This summer is having pretty bombastic start. Rob Da Bank has announced this year’s Bestival theme and it’s ‘The Summer Of Love’. I can honestly say, I feel it, there is something in the air, that’s making us all stick together? Is eclecticism and rule bending being embraced too? For the first time ever after wearing a fluorescent green wedding dress, made by a friend one year at Glastonbury, a milk maids outfit at another, I’m being asked what I think about unique summer style. It’s very exciting. I went for rifle in TK Maxx last week and here’s my report on some summer dressing thoughts.


Whether it’s festies with your besties, or piña colada slurping with a beau, today I want to explore the importance of embracing and experimenting with summer fashion. Many people’s heads bow at the thought of having to dress for potentially stickier temperatures. Fears of thighs rubbing together, unsupported chests and sunburn spill into our thoughts. BUT as the sun starts to get his hat on, let’s DO THIS. Below are my essential tips for every key summer scenario.


The Itsiest, bitsiest, denim shorts aren’t stretchy enough for laying about on the grass, yanking up in portaloo’s or twelve hour stomping sessions to your favourite songs. Go for something stretchy, bright as you like Jane Fonda-esque leggings under a giant band tee and a bumbag will have you lunging in the dance tent forever.


It’s booked, you could pop with excitement and you are planning your pool to night outfits constantly. Keep it lightweight, brightly printed and easy. Everyone looks good in a tropical print after a few days in the sunshine. Honestly, the brightest of colours and busiest of patterns take their own when you can hear waves in the background. Don’t be afraid to branch out. I am in love with a spaghettini strap, tropical printed sun dress that will work with big earrings in the eve or over a cossie when going to get a Solero on the beach.


Again, don’t forget the ability to move in your BBQ outfit, there is a chance you could end up on an itchy picnic blanket, so I’d say go with elasticated, MC Hammer style pantaloons. Teamed with a plain vest and gigantic sunglasses you’ll feel like JLO and you’ll thank me when you’ve had more than three sausages.


Summer and work don’t really go right? My essential item to survive the office in the summer is a breezy, classic, loose fitting cotton white shirt. They look good with EVERYTHING: summer skirts, work skirts, trousers, shorts, jeans and can be worn so many ways. Put a vest under so you can whip it off later at clocking off alfresco drinks.

So…. that’s Mr Motivator leggings, a tropicana sun dress, Lightweight trousers & a white shirt. All you need to look HAWT in the heat. Head to TK Maxx for items that won’t be worn by the whole world as each store has different stock and an ever changing selection of designer brands. It makes the experience much more exciting, like a treasure hunt.

Also TK Maxx are giving me a £100 voucher to give away along with the upload of a festival style vlog (such a bizarre word), which I thought was pretty ace. I will upload it this weekend.



Snap, Crackle and Pop

10 Nov , 2014  


Never, ever, ever compare yourself to a pop star. There is literally NO POINT.

I’ve interviewed Rihanna, my punk Afro frizz, next to her smoothed, hay hair. My hurried, finger-dabbed blusher, next to her pristine, expensive, lavishly and professionally-applied, bronze-statue delicate cheeks.

Just the other morning, I was met with balloon-deflating noises as I strolled into the Radio 1 Breakfast Show studio with a saggy, yellow, Bob Marley beanie just as Nick Grimshaw was asking his team: “Where issss she?”

“She” was obviously not me. “She” was Rita Ora, due any minute to do a one-off co-hosting stint on the show.